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Scuba Packages


Confident, comfortable divers Starts with your own Personal Diving System. Save dollars and time by making your equipment purchase from one of 20,000 Leagues Scuba and Aquatics Scuba Packages.  And, we are the ONLY dealer in the Atlanta area who offers you the exclusive DIVER SUPPORT PACKAGE with your purchase.

Here's the deal:

When you make a decision to invest in your total diving system package from 20,000 Leagues Scuba and Aquatics, we provide at no additional cost our exclusive "Diver Support Package" that we normally offer for $299. It includes:


  • Computer class: Learn to use your new dive computer from one of our instructors - Free! 
  • Pre-dive Tuneups:  Bring your equipment package to us before your dive and we will ensure that is is ready for your dive. It's Free! Like some others, we don't wait until you return - we ensure dive readiness BEFORE you go diving.
  • Dive Ready Guarantee:  If your service can not be ready prior to your dive for any reason, the rental equipment is on us - Free!
  • First Yearly Service:  Bring your equipment back to us within one calendar year and we will provide your first service - Free!
  • Computer Battery Service:  We will service your computer and change the battery if needed for two years from date of purchase - Free!
  • Your first airfill Free!

Add up all of the services - and you could receive up to $548 in services - Free with the purchase of your total diving system.


Dive Packages


  •  Sherwood jacket style ladies or men’s BCD fit to size

  •  Best value regulator and Octo

  •  Scubapro Computer and Gauge

  •  Includes a Free premium mesh duffel or regulator bag with each set



  •  Sherwood jacket style ladies or men’s BCD fit to size

  •  Fully balanced regulator and air source (octo alternative)

  •  Digital air-integrated computer console or Shearwater Perdix

  •  Includes a Free premium mesh duffel and regulator bag with each set



High performance


  •  Scubapro Hydros Pro High-Performance BCD with Standard inflator

  •  Scubapro high performance regulator and Octo

  •  Pressure gauge and 

  •  Includes Free scubapro dry bag to keep your clothes dry on the boat and a regulator bog with each set.