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Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Power Kit

Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Power Kit


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Part Number:SLKITO8 Manufacturer: Sealife-Pioneer Research Model: 1300S with Charger/Pattery


1300 lumens Using latest Luxeon V LED


Beam Angle: 8° ultra-narrow spot beam (6° underwater) for long range viewing and pointing out sea life


One button operation: Long push (1 sec) to power on/off; Short push to cycle through 5 light modes


Five light modes: Full power 1300 lumenHalf power 650 lumenQuarter power 325 lumenBlinking (once per second at full power)SOS (blinking signal at full power)


Depth tested to 330ft (100m)


Battery options: Two (2) CR123 lithium single-use batteries  -or- one (1) 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery (Batteries sold separately).*


Colored Battery indicator. Green = full, yellow = medium and red = low battery strength.


Safety pressure release valve relieves internal pressure built-up caused by damaged battery.


Ships with: The Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Power Kit includes everything that comes with the normal light, but also includes an 18650 2600mAh battery and USB battery charger.


Ultra-Narrow, High Lumen Beam

Featuring 1300 lumens, the compact Sea Dragon Mini 1300S dive light offers users tremendous brightness and a narrow long-range beam.  All light functions are easily accessible with one handed operation to cycle through five light modes.


Five Light Modes

The five light modes are: full power, half power, quarter power, one-second flash signal and emergency SOS signal, both at full power.  The light serves as a primary dive light or as a back-up light due to its combination of small, compact size, long run time and impressive power output.   With a narrow beam angle of 8° (6° underwater) the powerful 1300 Lumen light is perfect for pointing out sea creatures at a distance, viewing in dark areas or crevices, getting your buddy’s attention or navigating a night dive. 


Tough Construction

The Mini 1300S light is constructed of an anodized aluminum machined body for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The dual O-ring design ensures reliable waterproof seal down to depths of 330ft/100m.  The light’s power and mode button also features a battery charge level indicator, which illuminates from green, to amber, to red when batteries charge is depleted. 


Long Run Time

The Sea Dragon 1300S runs for 3.67 hours with a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion 2600mAh battery at quarter power, 1.83 hours at the half power setting, and 55 minutes at full power.  With a 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, the light will run 5.5 hours at quarter power, 2.83 hours at the half power setting,  and 85 minutes at full power.  The battery compartment grip features an integrated safety pressure release valve that relieves internal pressure built-up in the event the battery malfunctions. Two single-use CR123 batteries may also be used with 3 hour run time at quarter power and 45 minutes at full power. 

The compact Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Dive Light will easily slip into your BCD pocket. A wrist lanyard with a BCD-clip is also included allowing divers to secure the light to their wrist or clipped on to their BCD D-ring. 

The Sea Dragon Mini 1300S includes a wrist lanyard with BCD-clip, two spare O-rings and O-ring lube.

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