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Scuba Torch 1300 LMN Light-Black

Scuba Torch 1300 LMN Light-Black


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Part Number:HD01-BK Manufacturer: ScubaTorch Color:

Scuba Torch ST1300-HD01

1300 Lumen variable beam dive light with 5 modes, 120 min burn time (on low), LED power indicator and 100 meter depth rating.


1300 Lumen

10 degree light beam

5 Modes (High, Med, Low, Strobe, SOS)


1-Light - 3 color options (Black, Red, Pink)

1-Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery 



1-Storage bag

1-Set extra o-rings


Why Buy Dive Lights?

The dive light also called dive torch has become essential gear for scuba divers. As soon as you own scuba equipment you will dive more frequently and explore different types of diving. At that moment, having certain dive accessories becomes important to the dive. So if you are planning to experiment with the following types of diving, a dive torch is essential:

  • Night dive, cave diving and wreck diving : During our night dives, we prefer bright dive lights with a wider beam angle as a primary and a smaller light as a backup.
  • Tecchnical and deep diving : We recommend that you select a torch with a bright and tight beam with long battery life 
  • Underwater photography : here you will need to mount your light on strobes and prefer a wide, consistent and bright beam without hot spots to light your subjects (video light or flash)

If you are not interested by these types of diving and just want to do fun recreational diving, know that having a dive light in your BCD pocket or on your wrist is also quite usefull. More divers bring torches with them on all dives to be able to examine sea life inside holes and cracks and to find marine life that they would have otherwise missed. For your fun dive, to look under rocks and ledges and insides holes, chose a small handheld narrow beam light that you can keep in your BCD pocket while scuba diving. The Scuba Torch 1300 is the perfect first light!

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