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Orcatorch D630 Cannister 4000 LMN Light Kit

Orcatorch D630 Cannister 4000 LMN Light Kit


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Part Number:D630 Manufacturer: OrcaTorch Color: Black

Orcatorch D630 Cannister 4000 LMN Light Kit. 

The OrcaTorch D630 is a perfect canister dive light for cave diving, wreck diving or similar technical diving activities. The light delivers up to 4,000 lumens, and its angle adjustable cable allows both 90°and 180° rotation between canister and light head. This makes the OrcaTorch D630 perfectly suited for both side mount and back mount diving. Its large-capacity battery pack provides up to 5 hours of excellent diving experience at the brightest mode and up to 23 1/2 hours burn time at low power setting. The battery pack can also be taken out and used as a power bank.

  • Featuring

    * Uses 5* CREE LEDs, max 4000 lumens

    * 90°~180° angle adjustable cable

    * Suitable for both back mount and side mount diving

    * 7° super focus beam

    * LED indicator offers an instant update of battery status

    * 89Wh rechargeable large capacity battery

    * 5 hours long runtime at brightest mode

    * Battery can be used as a power bank

    * Battery charging indicator displays the charging status

    * Easy operation with side titanium alloy button switch 

    * Safe lock function prevents misoperation

    * Intelligent overheat protection

    * Waterproof and corrosion-resistant construction. Depth rated up to 150 meters

    * Reverse polarity protection prevents improper battery installation

    * Over-discharge protection function

    * Constructed from aircraft-grade high strength aluminum alloy

    * The latest diamond grade hard-anodized seawater corrosion-resistance finish

    * Two-sided coated toughened glass with high water pressure resistance

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