Learning to Scuba Dive with us is Easy as 1, 2, 3.


STEP 1: Study your Internationally acclaimed Home-Study Program.

STEP 2: Academic and pool training.  Learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable, confident diver.

STEP 3: And -- save the best for last! Let’s go Diving!  Your open water weekend includes two days with four or five dives offered at a local destination.



The Group Open Water Diver Course is a two-week course. This course is open to Students (Age 15 & up), and to Juniors (ages 10-14).  Classes have 3 to 4 academic sessions in our store on weekends and move to the pool on Saturday and Sunday for 2 consecutive weekends (2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays) to apply what you learned in the classroom. Our group classes have between 4-6 students.
Each class package includes your own PERSONAL MASK, SNORKEL, FULL FOOT FINS and BOOTIES Package with Equipment Bag and Mask Defog and Scrub.

Private Open Water Diver Courses can be scheduled based on your availability. It is perfect for busy professionals and families with unpredictable schedules.

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All Open Water Diver Courses include:
  • Online eLearning course - Open Water Scuba Diver Course. 
  • Instructor review sessions in our classroom to ensure your understanding of the key concepts.
  • Equipment sizing and orientation.
  • 3-4 pool training sessions to learn and practice all SCUBA skills with our instructor.
  • Instructor time for your Open Water Certification dives (travel/diving fees additional).
  • Use of 20,000 Leagues Scuba and Aquatics rental equipment in the pool including SCUBA regulator, computer, buoyancy compensator, tanks and weights.
  • PERSONAL MASK, SNORKEL, FULL FOOT FINS and BOOTIES Package with Equipment Bag and Mask Defog and Scrub (yours forever!).
  • Personal coaching to help you select a total diving system that meets your budget and is perfect for you.

Open Water Diver Equipment package:  Your course fees includes your personal equipment:
  • 2 window dive Mask plus mask cleaner and defog,

  • Dry Snorkel 

  • Self-draining Scuba boots
  • Scuba fins Mesh equipment duffel 


Group Open Water Diver Course $ 749.95 Includes Open Water Diver Equipment Package

Semi-Private Open Water Diver Course

       (2+ students with private schedule)

$ 899.95 Includes Open Water Diver Equipment Package

Private Open Water Diver Course

       (1 student with private schedule)

$ 999.95 Includes Open Water Diver Equipment Package
Open Water Certification Dives
  Local (2 days):

  Regional Shore Dives (Florida):

  Regional Boat Ocean Dives:

Prices May Vary Depending on Site and Schedule. In general, the following approximate pricing applies.

$ 199.95 in lakes and quarries (summer and early fall only)

$ 375-399 per student (time of year and location dependent)

$ 499.00 per student. Depending on trip location and time of year, costs may slightly

All of our Open Water certification dives outside of the local area includes 2 nights double occupancy hotel, tanks and airfills, weights and dive site or dive boat fees. 
Your diving system of Regulator, Dive Computer, Gauges, BCD and wetsuit may be either purchased or rented.  On your certification weekend, you will complete a minimum of 4 open water dives with your instructor to become certified. Dive sites vary monthly so please check with your Instructor to help you select an open water certification dive location that is best for you!


If you think you may be ready to learn Scuba Diving but want to try it first, we have the perfect option for you. Join our monthly Discover Scuba Diving sessions on the first Sunday of every month. All of your fees may be applied to your Open Water Scuba course if you sign up within 30 days! Call our store for information and location of our next session.