• Women's Dive Day!

Women's Dive Day!

Women's Dive Day celebrates the women making an impact in the diving community - and those women divers who are impactful in our lives. Women like Céline Cousteau, Patti Kirk Gross, Anna DeLoach, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Cristina Zenato and Cathy Church who are photographers, scientists, citizen scientiests, Navy Commanders and authors who have paved the way for other women in their professions working in the water and paved the way for other women divers are enshrined in the Women Divers Hall of Fame (https://www.wdhof.org/). And, countless other women divers are enshrined in the hearts of our dive community.

Join us for a very special Scuba Experience for Women's Dive Day.  Hop on over to Huntsville with us to experience diving in an astronaut diving well. Included with your dive is a ticket to the Space and Rocket Center, so enjoy the day! Our very own special women divers in our lives - Abby and Janeine will be leading the expedition.

Participants will embark on an exciting journey into the world of SCUBA diving in our Underwater Astronaut Trainer learning skills and descending 24’ to the bottom in order to experience Neutral Buoyancy. Guest will learn skills it takes to be confident and safe underwater from a skilled Dive Instructor. Once they complete the skills portion, they will begin their descent to the bottom of the tank in order to get a feel for being in space. Our Instructors will lead participants in a series of tasks designed to be challenging and fun and after completion they will ascend back to the surface.

All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own masks. Participants need to bring a swimsuit and sign a liability and medical waiver prior to diving. SCUBA pending physician approval. History of insulin dependent diabetes, epilepsy, reactive airway disease or asthma will not dive. Final determination concerning fitness to dive will be made by the Space Camp Medical & UAT staff.

*Participants must be age 14 or older, and participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The small scuba print: We love all of our divers. While this experience is for the women Dive Buddies in our lives, the gentlemen in their lives are also very welcome to join in the fun. We ask that a woman diver 'sponsor' each of the men who wish to join them.

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