Panama City 2-Day Diving Excursion


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Working on your Open Water Scuba or Advanced Open Water Scuba certifications?  Want to dive 2 cool locations in 1 weekend? Just looking for a fun weekend of diving with your Dive Buddies or make new ones?

20,000 Leagues Scuba and Aquatics is traveling to close by Vortex Springs and Panama City Beach in mid-October for some fun diving in both Fresh Water Springs in Ponce de Leon, FL and Panama City with 2-tank near shore boat dives.  Let's get wet before the early fall ocean temperatures turns to winter!

Day 1:  Vortex Springs

Day 2:  Panama City

SKU: Panama City 2-Day Diving Excursion.

Panama City is known as the wreck capital of the South and has a significant number of featured dives including bridge spans from the old Hathaway bridge which connected Panama City to Panama City Beach. When no longer in use, it was relocated to multiple locations in the Gulf of Mexico and near-shore bay as artificial reefs. In addition, a number of wrecks which were (mostly) purposely sunk for the same purpose are easily accessible for the open water diver. We will visit 2 sites based on the currents, weather and marine conditions.

Vortex Spring is home to the Red & White "Diver Down" Flag and is one of the largest diving facilities in the state of Florida. Vortex Spring Adventures is recognized as one of the best and safest diving resorts in the country. This 500+ acre Resort produces approximately 32 million gallons of crystal "gin" clear water daily at a year round temperature of 68 degrees. The temperature is reliable, making this site a great year-round dive location.



- 2 days of diving - 1 day in the Springs and 1 day on the boat

- Air and weight included

- Your choice - use our hotel or book your own

   If you utilize our block of rooms, hotel in Defuniak Springs is double occupancy. Single occupancy availble for additional charge.


Not Included in this Adventure:

- Meals 

- Snacks, etc 

- Transportation

- Open water diving system including regulator, BCD, computer

- Crew's tips on the boat (we recommend $10 per dive per person)

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