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Venice Beach, Florida is known as one of the best locations for hunting fossils from the Megladon era. Also known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World", hunting for fossilized shark teeth is a treasured Sarasota County pastime. The best place to find them is along the beaches and offshore Venice, Florida.

Ten million years ago, when Florida was submerged under water, the area was teeming with sharks. Over time, as the water receded giving way to land, the prehistoric sharks died - their skeletons disintegrated, but their fossilized teeth remained. The Venice coastal area, just south of Sarasota, sits on top of a fossil layer that runs 18-35 feet deep. With storms and waves, the fossils are slowly driven into the shallow waters and then up onto the beach.

The really large shark teeth are usually farther out and require dive equipment to locate. We will be shore diving. 

And .... as a special treat, we will be diving Disney's Epcot DiveQuest on Thursday. This is NOT to be missed as it is one of the best aquarium dives outside of the famed Georgia Aquarium. This is an optional dive but highly recommended - and booked individually.


Trip Fees Include

4 Days of 4 Tank shore diving. (16 dives) Air fills with Florida West Scuba

4 Nights of hotel - Beach Comber Inn - Venice FL - 3 bedroom condo

Pre-trip fossil hunting seminar


Trip Fees do Not Include:

Travel to dive site(s)

Optional Disney Quest dive on Thursday

Fossil collection equipment

Dive Float and reel


Trip Fees:

$750.00 per diver 3 bedroom condo - (4 beds)


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Venice Fossil Hunters September 2019

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