Crystal River Manatee and Springs Adventure

We just LOVE Manatees!  We think of these gentle creatures as Puppy Dogs of the Sea. They migrate from the Gulf and Ocean into warmer, spring fed waters every winter to enjoy eating the bountiful grasses and maintain body warmth.

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Want to hang out with a Manatee? 

Dive crystal clear springs?

Our monthly Florida springs trip has various spring sites that we dive at based on local conditions. Perfect for a weekend getaway or to complete your open water certification dives.

Choose to camp out or enjoy the cabins at our dive site. Optional is the Sunday morning Manatee tour at the famous Crystal River.


What's Included?

Dive the crystal clear springs at Blue Grotto Springs (2 dives)

Dive another clear Florida spring - sites vary based on conditions

Air and weights

2 Nights lodging at the Blue Grotto cabins (Double Occupancy) if selected


What's Extra?

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Diving equipment (other than air, weights)
  • Manatee tour on Crystal River is an extra fee 



$299.00 Per Person with "Bring your own lodging"

$399.00 Per Person with double occupancy cabin lodging



Saturday 6 AM: Meet for manatee tour if you have selected this option

Saturday 12 PM: Dive at Blue Grotto (springs may vary based on local conditions)

Sunday 9:00 AM:  meet at another beautiful spring for 2 dives



-Nonrefundable deposit of $200.00 due 90 days prior to departure

-Full payment due by 30 days prior to departure





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