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BCD Shoulder Belt Slider and D-Ring Set

BCD Shoulder Belt Slider and D-Ring Set


Availability: In Stock

Part Number:TA-1503 Manufacturer: Tabata-USA

Perfect as an addition to your TUSA t-wing or any continuous webbing BCD.

The TUSA t-wing BC is a tech-styled BC that offers a light weight, customizable platform. The aluminum back plate and compact donut bladder provide assured stability in the water. Achieve perfect trim and comfort with the optional accessory pockets and single tank adapter.



>             Aluminum back plate design

>             Circular, Donut bladder fixed with 3 exhaust valves

>             Customize with accessory weight pockets and aluminum single tank adapter

>             Single feed adjustable webbing with rollers

>             Dual RiteTite Buckle system

>             Light weight, travel friendly

>             Sizes: XS-XL

>             Lift Capacity: XS-XL: 27.0 lbf.

>             Optional Aluminum Tank Adapter Set available

>             Optional Removable Weight Pockets available




TUSA Duo Air II, integrated second stage regulator/power inflator is compatible.


The RiteTite Buckle is a two (2)-position cam strap for quick and easy adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more control and stability. This feature is part of all TUSA BC’s. Watch video

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