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Shearwater Teric Wrist Computer Black

Shearwater Teric Wrist Computer Black


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Part Number:15001 Manufacturer: Shearwater Model: Shearwater Teric Color:

The newest dive computer from Shearwater: OC Rec (Nitrox to 99%), OC Tec (Trimix Enabled). CC/BO (Fixed PPO2), Gauge and Freediving Mode Optional wireless air integration up to 2 tanks Switchable audible & vibration motor alerts Upgradeable Firmware 316 Stainless Bezel & Buttons, Sapphire crystal Bluetooth plus wireless charging Standard 22mm strap size (Extender Included) Wireless Transmitter is optional and available (#13004-01)

For a VERY LIMITED time - order your Teric and we will throw in a color band of your choice. Just email your choice of color when you place your order. Band choices are posted here:

Note: Delivery is 3-5 days as these items are shipped from Canada.

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