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DeepBlu Cosmiq+ GEN 5 Wrist Dive Computer-Lava Red-2018

DeepBlu Cosmiq+ GEN 5 Wrist Dive Computer-Lava Red-2018


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Part Number:DBC-31RD Manufacturer: DeepBlu Color:

Check out the COSMIQ + Gen 5!

At the push of a button, you can sync with the Deepblu App, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and re-experience your dive after surfacing. Choose from 5 great color options.

COSMIQ+ Gen 5 Model

The latest COSMIQ+ Gen 5 model has been upgraded with additional memory to accommodate up to 200 dive logs compared to just 25 logs in the previous generations of COSMIQ+ and COSMIQ. With the increased on board memory capacity, the Free Diving Mode depth alarm on the COSMIQ+ Gen 5 also has also been increased to 6 customizable depth alarms compared to only 3 depth alarms in the previous models.

Watch and Surface Intervals

Beyond displaying the time and date on your dive computer, the Watch Mode will also show you the counting Surface Interval (S.I.) from your last dive, the remaining No-Dive time and No-Fly time. Moreover, you can plan your dives with the Dive Planner by pressing the Adjust button on the right.

Electronic DiveLog Functions:

What makes the COSMIQ⁺ dive computer special is that it allows you to upload your dive logs wirelessly through the Deepblu App. When you import photos and videos taken from your camera, the app plots them onto the profile of your dive at the correct depth and duration automatically.

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